The Story

“Maybe you are searching among branches, for what only appears in the roots” , Rumi. Our bodies are more adept at healing themselves than we realize.

Hi! My name is Lindsay and welcome to Muddy Roots :) I am a wife, mother of two small humans and one large dog. I am passionate about helping others and supporting others in the healing journey.

With the support of family we have created Muddy Roots Healing with the goal to help others heals in a time of need. Over the last several years and more recently throughout my pregnancies I have been learning by trial and error how to incorporate more natural healing methods into our family. The biggest obstacle I found was by the time I had been down the google rabbit hole for hours, it was often too late to purchase the remedies I needed. Not to mention the driving all over the city at a time when you least want to be doing so. I have learned from our experiences that natural remedies are most effective when used right away. More often than not I have implemented natural remedies, while waiting for our doctors appointments and found by the time we got to the doctor things were already significantly improved.

Muddy Roots will curate kits that can be purchased preemptively and conveniently to have the tools on hand to help ease some discomfort through some long nights or postpartum days.